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Monday, January 24, 2011

Introduction of myself to all

Hello fellas, i'm a new man here, thanks for your visit here in my official blog, this blog belong to me actually, my full name Sofwan Amir B Mohd Jamil, age? 20 this year, but in point of fact not yet twenty, my birth date is at 7, to who pleased to give present or anything u are welcome to do so..hahaha,im from Gurun , state of Kedah. now staying in Ipoh .work or still study? yeah, still study, i'm student of Ipoh PolyTech MARA college. Diploma in Multimedia course. this year is my last year in that place. such a great place to study, i can communicate with lecturer surely can help me with my study a lot. a lot of good lecturer that guide me to do the best. especially the best lecturer i've ever meet. that man is sir Faisal Radzi who teach me from my second sem until now in that college. now im in my fourth sem. He is the best. so to sir, if u read this, 'WA CAYA LU LAH'!!haha,,. hope i'll be the best of the best in the multimedia course. so, in this blog i'll promote all of my artwork, but this blog is still in renovation, a lot of stuff is not done yet. i'll try my best to put all my artwork n complete it as soon as possible, so please stay calm. thank you for the support.. follow me, i'll wollow u back..thats my promise.. adiĆ³s amigo..;)


Fiq said...

msok kn laa hasil2 kje tuu cpt. :)
ta sabar wooo.

Sofwan Amir said...

haha..hold on,, in progress..hahaa

Anonymous said...


Sofwan Amir said...

dajei kiey buat teruk,,,

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