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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

going camping on weekend!!

hell yeah!!,, camping is just the best thing's ever.. why best ye? ok,, aku bagitaw sbb apa best,, bleh sembang2 dgn mmbr2, release tension in the woods, menikmati nature, perrghhh,,boleh bayangkan, lepak mlm2 tepi waterfall, smbil campfire,,,wow! it would be amazing!! yeah!!,, this weekend aku dgn college mate and one of my lecturer yg sama kepala gila mcm kitaorg akan pegi camping dkt waterfall near taiping i think,,tak taw apa nama tmpt tu, tp dgr mcm best,, so we go on la,, mngikut apa yg dicakap oleh lecturer aku tu "sir faisal", tema kita camping neh is survivor! so,bnda2 mkn pon terhad, gne apa yg ada yg boleh dipakai kita pakai,, just for fun, waaahh,, exciting,, cant wait fer the time meh,, this is what we call student life,, enjoy in desperate,,haha,, wlaupon byk project2 n assignment2,, but still ade time to release all that.. i have fun doing it.. cherrs.. :)


yusra ! said...

nak ikottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Anonymous said...

aku cakap,mmng superb la camping nie! thanxs la kt sifu kita..

Sofwan Amir said...

yus : jummm3 yus!! kte g ramai2,,bru btambah best! :)

kiey : i told u so,,mmg best la kn.. :)

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